What's That Plant

What’s that plant?

The answers can be anything that grows in the garden or countryside!

 1. Part of a watering can

 2. Where money is produced

 3. An emblem of mourning

 4. Sweethearts in a fog

 5. Used in an affectionate embrace

 6. A wise man

 7. What daring airmen are fond of doing

 8. A cry of distress when Archie swallows a marble

 9. A useful receptacle

10. A London hotel

11. Seen from the shore

12. A small shellfish

13. Lover of country strolls

14. A lady who sits out alone

15. What imprisoned criminals do

16. A favourite pipe

17. The chimes of a certain cathedral

18. A shopkeeper’s wares


Answers in 'Answers to Quizzes'