Pros and Cons

 Pros & Cons

All these answers start with Pro… or Con…

1. An air of mystery surrounds this man,

    Performing tricks which very few can.  -Conjuror


2. He suffers blows and often retreats


    Before his adversary he defeats.

3. A challenging question in words do I raise,

    To which the right answer is worthy of praise

4. Deserted in winter, crowded in summer.

    Sea on the one side town on the other.

5. The business man, for all his labour,

    Should show this balance in his favour.

6. With steel it makes those building feats,

    Which rise above the city streets.

7. Police are anxious now to trace

    The owner of this outline face.

8. Pointed at head, round at its base,

    Things will not stay on its sloping face

9. A pithy saying by some sage,

    Passed on by men from age to age.

10. For better or worse this document signing

      Makes undertakings legally binding.

11. Though young in years, his consummate skill

      Confounds the experts, as such wonders will.

12. Few there are who clearly see

     Years ahead and what will be.

13. He holds a chair at a famous college,

      A man of dignity and knowledge.

14. Throughout the land by day and night

      Against all lawlessness he wages fight.

15. Mentioned but seldom when talking of dishes,

      Its appearance on table meets everyone’s wishes


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