For all the saints

                                For all the Saints

Q1. Can you match the patron saint with the groups of people?

       1)  Lost Causes                                 a) Joan of Arc

       2)  Accountants                                 b)  Peter

       3)  Soldiers                                        c)  Michael

       4)  Grocers                                        d)  Francis of Assisi

       5)  Doctors                                        e)  Celilia

       6)  Fishermen                                    f)  Christopher

       7)  Travellers                                     g)  Jude

       8)  Fathers                                         h)  Valentine

       9)  Musicians                                      i)  Joseph

     10)  Dancing                                         j)  Matthew

     11)  Animals                                         k)  Vitus

     12)  Lovers                                           l)  Like


Q2.  Who is the patron saint of:  (a) Wales       (b) Greece ?


Q3.  Of which country are each of the following the patron saint?

      (a)  Francis Xavier    (b) Stanislaus     (c) Olaf


Q4.  Can you unscramble these anagrams of saints?

        a)  TUEGASNUI

        b)  HAICMEL

        c)  SIXLATUC

        d)  OREEGG

        e)  ENSEPHT

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