Familiar Proverbs


The following ten statements are long-winded versions of great proverbs. Can you tell what they are?


1.  Fix something right away or it will get worse

2.  An over-abundance of culinary help is detrimental to the pot’s contents.

3.  Just because something is shiny, doesn’t mean it’s a precious metal.

4.  That which pleases the eye doesn’t go beyond the epidermis.

5.  The capital of Italy was constructed over a long period of time.

6.  There comes a time when your canine friend is through studying.

7.  If you’re going to give advice to others, be sure you follow it yourself

8.  Just because you aren’t punctual doesn’t mean you should quit.

9.  If you never try to do anything, you’ll never get anything done.

10. It doesn’t take long for a person without good sense to be separated from his financial assets!

From: ‘A barrel of fun’ J.John and Mark Stibbs, Monarch Books.

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