Lent Week 2

Lent Reflection 1 March 2021

First week of Lent - Faith and Gods Love

(Theresa Powell)


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Why should l believe in the love of God? When l was at morning prayers this morning one of the psalms we read had a beautiful verse in it. Psalm 42 verse 7, “oh put your trust in the God for l will yet give him thanks, who is the help of my countenance and my God”. It is about trusting God, putting our faith there with God. It is a deep trust and faith, Jesus often spoke about love and trust, In John 15 he talks about loving someone so much that you lay down your life for them, and that is exactly what Jesus did for us. We especially see this in the armed forces during times of war. There are many stories of soldiers laying down their lives for their fellow soldiers.

Recently it was my eldest son 45 birthday, he is going through a tough time at the moment, as part of the treatment he is undertaking an online course for anxiety and depression. Obviously l pray for him; l am not sure if my prays help  but l keep praying in faith and hope that they will help him, this is also about love, faith and hope.

Love is one of Jesus's favourite words, he gives us another example when he tells the disciples that they must love one another, this is also our commandment. We have to love one another, and with God's help we do. God's love is can be expressed through a life of sacrifice, because we have the confidence in God, that he loves us and will always care for us, no matter what mess we get into.

We are in unprecedented times with this pandemic, we need the strength of our faith in God to get us through. I pray constantly that this will come to an end.

I pray for parents for their children, ensuring they are fed, schooled and clothed. This is especially hard at the moment for some parents, due to no job.  Doctors Nurses and all healthcare workers, often sacrificing their own health to care for others. Shop workers, refuse men, almost anyone you can think of is making some sort of sacrifice. How can God help with this?

We don't always see or understand how God works, but it's important that we keep praying. I work part time in a care home. One of the lady's became very depressed, she stopped eating and drinking, and would not get out of bed. I began praying for her. When l went back God had worked through one of the carers, she was up and sat in her chair, eating some lunch. She is still very weak,  l will continue to pray for her. Every time l go into this home there is someone who needs prayers.

Another way God works is through people and their relationships, people who work together often have very close friendships, you could say loving friendships, supporting, it is part of being a team.  When Jesus was crucified God knew the disciples would struggle; even though Jesus had told them what was to happen. God's love for them was such that he helped and protected them. They were precious because Jesus had chosen them.  Like us they were fragile human beings, we often struggle to understand what is happening and why.  Worry and anxiety is a big part of our world today, and especially amongst the young. I am constantly seeing young people with scars down their arms were they have been self harming. What l find so sad is that they have not yet found God, or they did and have drifted away. God is the great comforter.

We are part of his beautiful creation, yes we are fallen, but he loves us, and always welcomes us back if we stray. I am sure l am not the only one who loves this psalm 8. It is quite short only 9 verses, but what words! Verses 3-4 especially are very moving, “when l look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you have established”.

A demonstration of his power is found in psalm 139, again verse 7, the psalmists is talking about the power of God, “Where can l go from your spirit? or where can l flee from your presence? God is everywhere we can not escape, but that should also be reassuring to us, he is with us constantly. Verse 13 “ For it was you who formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother's womb”. As a woman who has had two children l find this especially emotional. God created us, he loves us, and will never desert us!

Listen to the worship song His love and reflect on:

How much you are aware of God’s unconditional love for you.

      The means through which we gain assurance of his love.

      The ways in which knowledge of God’s love strengthens your faith.


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