Rector's Monthly Letter November 2018

Dear Friends

It’s been three months since I started here as Priest in Charge and six weeks since Claire and I moved into the Rectory at Heanton. We would like to thank you for the warm welcome we have received and for the help and support that I’ve had in matters of church business. I’m very aware of the time and energy that you each give to our churches and the care and encouragement that you extend to one another. 

Following our day of prayer in October, this coming month marks a significant moment for the parishes that comprise our new Mission Community.    On November 4th the new Bishop of Crediton, the Rt. Rev’d Jackie Searle, will lead a service to commission the Mission Community and license the Rev’d Caroline Raby as its Associate Minister. The occasion prompts us to publicly affirm our intention to work together in the ministry to which God calls us. We have discerned that our future is dependent on a spirit of mutual support and we now need to work out the practicalities of this collaborative approach. Through it we aim to enable ministries that encourage spiritual growth and Godly transformation in our communities.  The process will inevitably take time but engaging with it now will lay good foundations for those who come after us.

In all this, God’s direction is imperative, recognising that such direction may require us to let go of areas of church life that we considered important in the past. At recent PCC meetings we reflected on Psalm 127:1;

‘Unless the Lord builds the house,
    the builders labour in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city,
    the guards stand watch in vain. 

Both now and in the future, we must take care to only build what God is building and only guard what He is guarding.