A Sporting Ramble


All the gaps in this silly little story can be filled with the names of games or sports. The number of dashes indicate the number of letters, although they may be spread across one or two words. Occasionally the spelling of the game may not exactly match the spelling of the missing word, but the sound will be the same.

The ramblers set out on a fresh Spring morning. William enthusiastically, but Ellen rather reluctantly. “I do love wandering a----  like this”, he said encouragingly. “Me for a  ---   on a  ---  --  the fire out of all   --------, rather than the great outdoors with chilly wind  -----ling round!” replied Ellen.

They had not gone far before she was complaining. “My feet are killing me, they feel ------ed in these shoes and my toes are  -------  up. I suppose I should really take a size larger than  -----“.

“------  are nearer the mark!” teased William. This ungallant remark stung Ellen and she went  -------  down the lane at a speed beyond William’s capabilities and she soon left him far behind. “It takes a  ---  --  make me mad”, thought William, “but when she’s in one of her moods, I see red!”

Soon they came to a small river. They sat down to  ------  a way across. Suddenly Ellen’s  --------  gave out and with a  ----  ----  she was over on the opposite bank before Bill could stop her. He was not an  --------  -ort of chap and did not fancy  -------  himself over. It was quite a problem how to get Bil-  ------. -ventually he completed a rather haphazard crossing by means of the little  ------  just spanning the water.

From the valley they climbed u-  ----  --e of two nearby hills which overlooked a village. “I’m famished”, moaned Ellen.

“Stay here and I’ll see what I can get in the village”, her friend promised. He returned with some cheese and tomato sandwiches in a paper bag. He shook the bag open and immediately Ellen was  ------  her hand in and out at a prodigious rate.

She as a  ----  ----  daintily, but now hunger possessed her. Bill watched her hand  ----  -wiftly to and fro. His concern increased as the number of sandwiches decreased, but she did not pause until only one remained. “I won’t take the last one”, she said archly, “I don’t want to risk being an  ---  ----!” This broad hint on a subject she so often s----  -bout, did nothing to make Bill happier.

“Look at the lovely  -----tnut trees”, he said hurriedly, “and listen to the music of the starlings’ song and the merry chirping of the  -------s”.

“---  -  ---rling sing?”  ----ped Ellen, peeved at the sudden change of subject.

“Of  ------.  ---ing is as natural to them as moaning is to you!” said William.

“Oh Bill”, said Ellen softly, “must we always be --------  and wr-------? Can’t we be friends and finish the walk amicably?”


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