Welcome to St Michael and All Angels Church, Marwood

The church appears to have been originally a Cross church of the first pointed style.

An extract from the Register of Walter de Stapleton, Bishop of Exeter 1307-26 Latin Translation as follows;
January 1st 1309. "At Marwood  the Lord Bishop ordered the Parishioners of Marwood Church under a penalty of £10 to enlarge their church within a year from the Feast of St. Michael so that whereas a certain part of the Parishioners are now during Divine Service excluded from the Church because of its narrow dimensions and want of room, they may for the future be able to enter and thus the Parishioners may together be able at the same time and in the same building hear the Services of the Church."

At a later period the North wall was replaced by the piers and arches, the transept converted into the aisle, and the chantry added at the East end, probably by a member of the Chichester family.

The screen separating the Chantry from the Aisle bears  the name of John Beapul, Rector of the Parish in the  reign of Henry VIII, and is instanced by Rickman as one of the best specimens of a rood screen in the country. Presumably a full screen at this date 1894. Marwood bells date from 1771.

Photo Above: Good Friday's Walk of Witness


Photo Above: Sunday school Easter teaching

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