Rector's Monthly Letter April 2019

Dear Friends

We cannot help but notice that confusion, injustice and violence continue to inhabit our world. Easter though is a season in which we focus on a story where good overcomes evil and life emerges from death. The events surrounding Jesus’ execution were as good an example of injustice, corruption, misuse of power, abuse of religion, cowardice and brutality as any that we might find today. Jesus is   immersed in the death and suffering of the world yet comes through as he rises from death on that first Easter day.  Easter was the moment when God put into effect his plan to restore a broken world, yet we still wait to see it realised in full. We continue to struggle with the things that we hear in the news and experience in our lives.

This struggle can be compared with our annual wait for spring. Yet in that wait (though winter can seem long, dark and cold) there are signs of life to be found; signs that point to the inevitable onset of spring and summer. Just as we value these signs in winter, we can  also appreciate the goodness around us that points to a better future for humankind. Indeed, those who follow Jesus are required to be those very signs by demonstrating the qualities of all that is good:  justice, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, courage and love.

In the same way that we cannot make summer come any quicker, we must wait on God to restore the earth in his way and in his time. Until then the Easter story encourages us to live in the hope that a better future is on the horizon and to seek the spiritual power that Jesus provides to enable us to be signs of that future in our present day.